Football: Lionel Messi to 100 million Euros….

Lionel Messi’s net worth after signing a contract with Barcelona could reach up to 100 million Euros.

Lionel Messi on November 25th signed a contract with Barcelona, and the contract is claimed to have seen by  Journalists from European Investigation Collaborations which could raise the per year earning of Lionel Messi up to a Hundred million Euros  around 121 dollars each year.

As Lionel Messi’s guaranteed each year’s earning is about a seventy million Euros, 70 million Euros because of a loyalty bonus, and with a resigning bonus of about 63.5 million Euros.

According to the leaked documents earlier today, the total of the four years of the Messi’s year’s salary would be about 417 million Euros, and adding the amount of money if he would win the UEFA Champions League which would be around 12 million Euros added with another extra 2 million.

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