Football: women first time allowed at football game in Saudi Arabia…

First the first time in history Saudi Arabia Government allowed for women to watch a football game live at the stadium.

All the women fans taken the seats at the game in Jeddah on Friday, entering through through the family gates with the families, the presence of the women at the game of football in Saudi was just like a miracle.

And not just the Government has decided to allow the women to a football match, but Earlier on Friday the Government of Saudi Arabia also decided to remove the bane on women driving in Saudi Arabia and women would be allowed to drive also.

Female Ushers with the dress code of traditional black abaya welcomed the women fans and families, and also cheered the local team, a 32 years old football fan from Jeddah saying: ” This event proves that we are heading for a prosperous future.I am very proud to be a witness of this massive change, I am proud and extremely happy for this development and for the kingdom’s moves to catch up with civilised measures adopted by many countries.”





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