Missing Ashes tests was a ‘bitter pill to swallow’ says Mark Wood


Mark Wood says that missing the Ashes tests was really a ‘bitter pill to swallow”.

Mark Wood was left out of 16-man England’s initial test squad due to an ankle injury.

Wood said: “I was disappointed that at the end of last year I was sort of pushed along, trying to get ready”

“Then to find out that I wasn’t going to be on – it was quite a bitter pill to swallow.”

Wood said in a statement that he was feeling that he would not be taken for the Ashes tests, as he was struggling to recover from the injury.

“It’s never nice to hear those words, even if in the back of my mind, I was thinking ‘I’m not going to make it”

“But I managed to come with the Lions and sort of fly under the radar a little bit – I got my pace right up and felt good.”

Wood has taken 26 wickets in 10 test matches.

Wood, whose recorded bowling speed is 90 per hour was left out of fourth and fifth Tests in Melbourne and Sydney.

“I was always on the right track coming back through, it was just a case of did I have enough confidence? And did the coach and the captain have enough confidence to throw me into the Test match?”

“Melbourne, I was pretty close, and Sydney I was pretty close, but it wasn’t to be, because ultimately I hadn’t bowled more than one or two days in a game and couldn’t prove to selectors I was ready to go, even though I felt good and had confidence in myself”



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